Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Banished by Sophie Littlefield

Title: Banished
Author: Sophie Littlefield
Publisher: Delacorte
Publication Date: October 10, 2010
Source: Library

Summary: There isn’t much worth living for in Gypsum, Missouri—or Trashtown, as the rich kids call the run-down neighborhood where sixteen-year-old Hailey Tarbell lives. Hailey figures she’ll never belong—not with the popular kids at school, not with the rejects, not even with her cruel, sickly grandmother, who deals drugs out of their basement. Hailey never knew her dead mother, and she has no idea who her father was, but at least she has her four-year-old foster brother, Chub. Once she turns eighteen, Hailey plans to take Chub far from Gypsum and start a new life where no one can find them.

But when a classmate is injured in gym class, Hailey discovers a gift for healing that she never knew she possessed—and that she cannot ignore. Not only can she heal, she can bring the dying back to life. Confused by her powers, Hailey searches for answers but finds only more questions, until a mysterious visitor shows up at Gram’s house, claiming to be Hailey’s aunt Prairie.

There are people who will stop at nothing to keep Hailey in Trashtown, living out a legacy of despair and suffering. But when Prairie saves both Hailey and Chub from armed attackers who invade Gram’s house in the middle of the night, Hailey must decide where to place her trust. Will Prairie’s past, and the long-buried secret that caused her to leave Gypsum years earlier, ruin them all? Because as Hailey will soon find out, their power to heal is just the beginning.

Review: Banished is a fresh new take on "Healers" in the YA world.

Banished gives you a slew of likable characters. Though I think my favorites were Hailey's Aunt Prairie and Hailey herself. They were both strong women and really admirable. I liked their gift and that they were willing to fight for it. Hailey's brother Chub was such a sweetheart, I loved how she cared for him.

Banished is a pretty dark paranormal. I don't know why but I really didn't expect it to be like that. But the darkness was enjoyable, adding another layer to the plot.

Banished had a pretty slow start but I was soon sucked into the world as the book picked up speed.

I thought I'd never say this but having no romance in a book is sometimes enjoyable! The plot doesn't get over taken by the romance. Though I'm pretty sure there is will be some in the next book, which I'll look forward to!

An enjoyable book with a riveting plot!



Amy said...

I like the look of this. Sounds really good. I will have to invest.


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