Friday, October 1, 2010

Death by Latte

It is offically October 1! I will have another post later about the spooky reading challenge, because I am super excited!

Title: Death by Latte

Author: Linda Gerber

Rating: 5 stars

Review: In the sequel to Death by Bikini, Aphra is back and headed to Seattle in search if her mom. A couple of weeks ago Aphra was with Srth and having to fight to survive. Now thanks to a note Seth gave her Aphra is off to find her mom and when she does, well, her Mom isn't very happy to see her. Then, very suddenly, Natalie's, who is Aphra's mom, partner dies suddenly. And when he dies he took a few secrets with him to the grave, now Aphra has to help her mom and deal with Seth, because, well, he said he didn't want to be with Aphra anymore.

Usually second books aren't as good as the first ones, but this one was amazing and it passed by expectations by so much.

The death in this one was as original as the one in Death by Bikini. When Natalie's partner was being poisened by a Latte, it did not sound too great. The plot was very intricate and there were a couple of things going on. . but it never got confusing.  Spoiler Alert!

They were being tracked by a bunch of CIA agents and The Mole and Aphra, Seth and her Mom had no idea who to trust, And quite frankly, it took me a little while to figure who the "bad guy" was.

Aphra's character, was again absouletely amazing. Seth was great too but I don't think he played as big part in the book as he did in Death by Bikini and Death by Denim. He was there but I don't think there were quite enough "moments" between him and Aphra. Which I guess is understandable considering that they were in the woods and running for their lives.

This one made me dying for the 3rd book Death By Demin, and I read it immeadiatly after!

The review for that will come tomorrow!


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