Saturday, October 30, 2010

Shrinking the TBR Pile (2)

I am doing another Shrinking the TBR Pile, hosted by What's Your Story! Actually, since I am doing this on Saturday, I don't know if this meme is occurring but I feel like doing it anyway!

Um so I was being all weird and last week I picked out books to read this week. (Mistwood, Halo and Wildwing). So instead of doing things for the next next week I am just going to tell you what I read in this past week and stuff.

Slow but then got so much better! Review coming soon!

Read and I love Spy novels even more now, review coming soon!

Great book so far!

Haven't read it yet but you can hear me rant about it in a later post!


Ashley said...

Thanks for participating!

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