Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cast your Villian

Today I am doing this awesome thing hosted by Word for Teens! And she is doing an awesome thing (have I said awesome thing too much??!) called Book Spooks, so head on over and see what is going on!

Villian: Drake Merwin from the Gone Series by Michael Grant

Who: A guy from the cover of Lies who is rumored to be Darke but I am not

Why: Because Drake is the most evil person in the whole community of books and he is a pyscho who likes to hurt and kill.

Go Check out Book Spooks at WORD for Teens!


Ava said...

I loved Gone! I haven't read the other ones yet but hopefully I will get around to it soon. Drake is pretty creepy :)

Gabrielle Carolina said...

Here's who I cast:


Gabrielle Carolina <3

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