Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Before I Fall

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Title: Before I Fall

Author: Lauren Oliver

Rating: 5 stars

Review: Sam Kingston has it all. She has 3 best friends, she is extremely popular and can basically do anything she wants to do. She has the perfect boyfriend too. But then she loses that all. On the way back from a party, Sam dies in a car accident. But then the next morning she wakes up again and she realizes that she is reliving the same day. She does this seven times, in fact. Sam is confused at first and just wants to die or find a way to survive. She does some extremely stupid things in her seven days but then Sam realizes that she has been given a chance to make her life right again. But will Sam be able to do this?

I have to say this book is extremely heartbreaking, especially the end. It was also funny and surprisingly witty. But there were also times when I was like, wow so inappropriate.

The characters were very well developed for a debut novel and I enjoyed some of them. Sam was a typical bad girl, she drank, she sometimes smoked, used terrible language and did terrible  in school so it was very surprising to me when I found that she really didn't do drugs and she was still a virgin. But on the day she died she was planning to change that but never had the chance. Sam friend's were mean, just plain mean and I thought Sam could do a lot better than that. Her boyfriend, Rob, was just a slob and I am so glad she got her revenge on him during her seven days. I loved Kent, Sam's best friend when she was little and who promised to develop into something more.

The plot was fully captivating. I loved the idea of dying and then being able to relive the day 7 times over. And Oliver made the idea blossom into something that I entirely loved! My favorite day was the 6th day and the 5th day, I think (at least the one where she spends the day with her family). The 6th day was by far the best because Sam really started to fix things and I liked how she made things right. With Kent especially.

Sam under went a major change in the book, in the beginning she was like "I don't care about anything" but then she changed drastically.

Though one thing I didn't like was that there was lots of drinking in the book and smoking. I'm just not a big fan of that, but it did fit the book.

This really isn't my kind of book, but I loved it and it made me cry! The ending, as I have said, was heartbreaking and I wish that something better could have happened. But now I am glad to day that Sam was an excellent character and I grew to love her!


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