Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Happy Wednesday! Now let's review my favorite new book! Siren!

Title: Siren

Author: Tricia Rayburn

Rating: 5 stars

Review: 17 year old Vanessa Sands is afraid of everything and now she is afraid to go cliff diving with her sister Justine and their friends the Carmichael Brothers. That evening Justine and her sister get into a huge fight and the next time Vanessa sees Justine … she's dead. Now grieving Justine's death Vanessa travels back to their summer home in Winter Harbor, Maine where the death happened. Now with the help of Simon Carmichael, Vanessa starts to investigate the death of her sister and the disappearance if Simon's brother, Caleb. But as Vanessa gets closer and closer to falling in love she just might have to sacrifice it all to save her friends and the town if Winter Harbor and if she finds out about herself.

Eek! I love this book! It was the best and I love it deeply with passion! So if you haven't already read this book or you have it go read it or re read it and if you don't have go run and I literally mean run and go get it!

Siren was a little confusing at first but then everything started clicking together and the rest of the book was perfect!

I loved Vanessa the main character! She was so sweet and I felt an immediate connection with her. She developed greatly during the book, which made me love her even more!

And then the Carmichael Brothers. Doesn't that name just sound enticing! So old schoolish sounding and so awesome. Now on to who they actually were! Simon was the nerdy, walking-talking weather channel, who was much much cuter this summer. I used to not like the name Simon but trust me now my mind has been changed entirely. And there is nothing wrong with a nerdy cute guy, emphasize on the cute! The other brother Caleb was just as smoldering but I like Simon much much better! Plus Simon and Vanessa make such a cute couple and Simon is always there for Vanessa! There were also some great supporting characters too.

The Plot, thanks to the title, obviously included sirens. I liked the title but it gave a little too much away but there was still some mystery to the book. The cover was a good but the eyes looked way to fake which annoyed me.

I loved the way the novel was resolved but it left quite the cliffhanger! I can't wait for the second book in this trilogy!!


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