Thursday, October 28, 2010


Hope you are having a very exciting Thursday! I am! Today I am reviewing a great, great book by one of my fave authors, Linda Gerber!

Title: Trance

Author: Linda Gerber

Rating: 5 stars

Review: Ashlyn Greenfield's mother is dead and she is having trance's again. Ashlyn had been having Trance's ever since she was a little kid and she is deeply ashamed of the Trance's. Ashlyn feels if though she was the cause of her mother's death just because she didn't have one Trance that could have warned her of her mother's death. Now Ashlyn is having the Trance's again and when she starts having them about a friend of hers.....Ashlyn knows that she needs to step up and save a life.

Another great, no fantastic, book by Linda Gerber. And it is paranormal which makes it even better!

The story was incredibly emotional, especially since Ashlyn's mother is dead, her sister disappeared and her father ignores her. All of that made me extremely sad. I would hate to be ignored by the family I loved. Even worse, Ashlyn was ashamed of her ability to see people's deaths and felt like she was cursed or something stupid! I loved how Ashlyn worked at a photography booth at a mall. Her co-workers were great and cute. =)

Ashlyn was a great character and while I felt sorry for her, I also admired her and the ways she tried to cope with everything in her life. She didn't have many friends because of her ability but her one friend, Michelle was so-so. Jake, that cute co-worker, was understanding but sometimes jumped to the wrong conclusions about things he shoudln't. Naughty, Naughty.

If Ashlyn was real, than I would love to know her! And the cliffhanger at the end! OMG! I want a sequel!!

Such a amazing book and heartouching too!


Anonymous said...

hi...i just wat to say that i really liked the book...i hope there's a movie about this bookits a really good story

From FOntana california.Ashley

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