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Title: Linger

Author: Maggie Stiefvater
Rating: 4.5 stars

Review:  In the sequel to Shiver, Sam and Grace are still in love and both are trying to survive. Sam, newly human, is struggling with being human, of course, and is afraid that one day he will be a wolf again. Worst of all his emotions are overriding his brain and Sam is often worried and can't seem to ever get things perfect between himself and Grace. Grace is trying to fight becoming a wolf and isn't doing a very good job at it. And we now have Cole, a newly turned wolf who is trying to escape his human past but can't seem to do so without falling in love again with Isabel, Grace's friend. With the four of them together, survival chances might seem high but that probably isn't going to happen.
I liked Linger much more than, Shiver. It was more exciting, it had more action and there was more mystery about how you could cure a wolf.
The plot was basically about keeping wolves human and figuring out all the kirks of being a werewolf. Linger got pretty scientific which I liked immensely, but if you don't like that you don't have to worry because it isn't too present.
I liked each character more and more as the story went on! Sam was getting a little less melodramatic and girlish towards the end but then something happens (read the book to find out) and he went back to being his old sappy self. I liked Grace more too. She was just a better character. I really liked Cole, the new wolf. He was a great character that was so different from the others and I loved him for it, even though he doesn't always have the best moments. I liked the connection between Isabel and him but I think that neither of them can handle anything, currently.

My favorite scene had to be when Grace and Sam went to a recording studio. The premise was just so cute and totally lived up to that.

So if you liked Shiver or even loved it, I think you will like Linger even more! I did.


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