Friday, October 1, 2010

Celebrate Good Times. . .!!! The Challenge has started!

Hi and I hope everyone is having a super Happy Friday!
My Physical Science teacher always says that every single day! Well, not happy Friday by happy whatever! And it annoys me terribly because his class is not a happy place! Well enough of that stupid stuff, because it is time to get this Challenger officially started!

Even though so far there are only 2 people entered, and only one has a Blog, I think that this challenge will be the best ever! If you still want to enter just go here, and then read all the rules and boring stuff. If you want to know what I will be reading then go here. I am thinking about adding one more book to it because I need to read it because it is due at the library on the 6th! And I am almost done with it too, so it will not be that big of a deal! And can you believe that I finished Before I Fall, Before the Challenge (ha ha Before I fall and Before the Challenge!! that was really poor)

So I am off to work on challenge related stuff and my review page! It is almost done!


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