Monday, October 4, 2010

Movie Review

Hi guys!
Ok so I know that this is a book blog but I am going to post a movie review for this old black and white movie I watched in English Class and then had to write a review on! And since there is no school today, yes!, I will be working like crazy on reviews for the weeks!

12 Angry Men is a courtroom/ juror room drama, which will make you want to cheer along with the not guilty side.

            When 12 Angry Men first starts we are ushered into a courtroom, just as a trial is ending. The trial is of a teenager boy, from the slums, who was accused of murdering his father. Then we follow the 12 jurors, into the jury room and we watch as they dissect the case and decide whether or not the boy is guilty of murder or not.

            You might think that at the beginning that all the men think he is guilty but one of the men, Juror #8, thinks that the boy deserves the benefit of the doubt. And slowly one by one the men start to change their minds about the boy. It does take a lot of convincing and it does involve some extremely angry men but, somehow all the jurors decide, after one long hard day, to give the boy the benefit of doubt and let him go.

            To be honest, I thought this would be a boring movie, since I am more into action movies but it thoroughly surprised me and I greatly enjoyed the movie. The pieces of evidence just clicked together very smoothly and everything flowed nicely with the evidence. The director made it seem more like just a little coincidence that some of the men knew things or noticed things that some of the other men didn't, then making it look like it was super obvious that the men "just happened" to know something.
            I really liked the actors and the characters in this movie and though they did a wonderful job portraying their different characters, whether it be a prejudiced man, a gentle soft spoken man, or just very angry man, to name a few.

            This was an excellent movie, that I would definitely want to see again!

Yes I loved this movie, because one it is old and it was super good! I love old movies especially Alfred Hitchcock's!


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