Wednesday, September 22, 2010



Title: Spells

Author: Aprilynne Pike
Rating: 5 stars

Review: In the second Wings book, Laurel is headed to Avalon, the faerie world. There she will get instruction on how to fully embrace her powers as as a fall faerie. She is having no luck with all the potions she is supposed to be making. When Laurel goes back home to her boyfriend David she is having conflicted feelings and knows she will have to pick soon. That is picking between David and Tamani. But then the trolls come back.

Spells was just as good as Wings. I really like Avalon but I am not sure how I feel about how things work in the social system. Laurel does pick someone in the book but I am not at liberty to say who it is without ruining that part of the book. It is great!

Sorry didn't feel like writing so much in that one but it was still awesome and plus it is hard to write a review for a book that you love!


*Melissa* said...

I wasn't crazy about the caste type system either but it did just make me love Tamina more. It really was a n awesoem book.

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