Monday, September 6, 2010

Princess of Glass

Hi Everyone!
Yes I will probably get Firelight by Sophie Jordan, when it comes out tomorrow! But since I am short on time I really need to get reviewing. Oh and I am not doing a spotlight today because, like I said I am super short on time. And Also I probably won't be on the blog for a couple of days, at least not until Friday!

Title: Princess of Glass

Author: Jessica Day George
Rating: 5 stars

Review: In the sequel to Princess of the Midnight ball, instead of another retelling of the 12 dancing princesses we have a very unique retelling of Cinderella. On a kingdom exchange program, Princess Poppy, one of Rose's sisters, is sent to a faraway kingdom to stay. While she is there Poppy meets, Ellen, a clumsy maid who is pretty rude. Ellen is mixed up it seems with an evil witch who wants to take her and use her. But weird things are going on and everyone is acting strangely. Now it is up to Poppy and her new found friends to help solve the mystery of Ellen and the evil witch! But will she solve it in time?

Princess of Glass was even better than the first. This was a Cinderella retelling but in a very unique, awesome way. Poppy was quite funny, and I loved her determination and her guts! OK that sounds odd. I really like that she actually was willing to do something. Ellen was extremely rude but I found myself feeling pity for her after awhile. The plot was extremely good and the mysteries were excellent! This is a great fantasy read!


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