Thursday, September 23, 2010

Eyes Like Stars

How is everyone doing out there on this fine beautiful Thursday? Well everyone should be doing spectacular because well Friday is tomorrow. Now we can all do the happy dance! To bad this next book didn't make me do the happy dance!

Title: Eyes like Stars

Author: Lisa Mantchev
Rating: 5 stars

Review: Bertie Shakespeare Smith lives at the Theatre. Theater Illuminata to be exact. Where every play that was ever wrote has it's own special place in The Book. All the players live at the Theatre but Bertie is not a player. She is a normal, ordinary human girl who just lives there. When Bertie is threatened to be kicked out of the Theatre, she discovers more about herself and he friends than she could ever imagine.

First of all, don't you love the cover? I think it is absolutely beautiful!
Now I like the premise of the story but I didn't as much like the story. The characters were good but I thought the story was pretty boring. I do think that it had some good potential though. I mean every book does. As I got a little further into the book it got better but it needed some more excitement I think. So Overall and good premise with a plot that was lacking. But I do want to read the sequel though.


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