Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Deadly Little Lies!

Aren't you so glad that I am back! Yes you are super glad! Yay! Well today I am reviewing Deadly Little Secrets Sequel! Congrats Sophie Jordan on the release of Firelight! My copy is on my way from the bookstore!

Title: Deadly Little Lies

Author: Laurie Faria Stolarz
Rating: 4 stars

Review: In the second Touch Novel, Camelia is here again and missing Ben more than ever. When he left 4 months ago she thought she would be OK but now she realizes that, that was a lie. But when she meets Adam, a new guy working at the pottery studio, she thinks she is ready to move on. But then Ben comes back to school and makes everything way more complicated for Camelia. Especially now that she thinks that she was got Ben's psychometry and is dealing with the effects of that. Even worse yet, Camelia has a new stalker. And this time she isn't sure who is lying.

I am pretty sure that I liked this novel better than the first, but the first is still good though. I think that this one had more danger and mystery to it and it was extremely interesting. I was pretty captivated with the book and I have to admit that I really didn't want to stop reading it. But there were the parts that were a little boring and a little repetitive, making this a four star book. I thought that Camelia was a little stupid about Ben too. I mean he want hurting you the last time, so why would he be hurting you now!? Well I am not going to tell you what happens with that because at the end there is a huge surprise! A very well written book!

I might do a spotlight Monday! Except now it is Tuesday!


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