Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Fool's Girl

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Title: The Fool's Girl

Author: Celia Rees
Rating: 3 stars

Review: In this mixture of Shakespeare's The Twelfth Night, and some of the author's own ideas we go on an adventure with Violetta and Feste. Violetta is the daughter of one the character from The Twelfth Night and Feste is the Fool or a kind of jester. When a Holy Relic is stolen from the country of Illyria, Feste and Violetta are determined to find it and return it to their chaotic country. And on a great journey they are tested and tricked by the most unusual characters.

While I like the premise for the story and the idea, I would have to say the the story was definitely not one of my favorites. As in most of Celia Rees' books  there is more descriptions of the setting than of the characters and how they develop. You think by this time you would think that I would have stopped reading her books, but I seem strangely addicted to then even if I really don't like them! The story was quite confusing and some parts and the descriptions interrupted the story. The characters were not developed and I was bored by most of them. Why am I even giving this book 3 stars? I have absolutely no idea, but I would only read this if you are really into historical fiction and really confusing stories.

Tomorrow: Possibly the The Summoning by Kelly Armstrong.


linda said...

I find your reviews very interesting and intelligent! Do you think I would enjoy reading some of these books? Your cousin, Linda

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