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Hi! Just to remind you, The Spooky Reading Challenge starts in about 2 days, and I am pretty sure that I will not be done with Before I Fall so I will have to start my challenge late!

Title: Faithful

Author: Janet Fox

Rating: 5 stars
Review: When Maggie Bennett learns she is going to live in Yellowstone, she is horrified. She is being asked to leave everything behind, in the year if 1904, her friends, her social life and especially that, because this is the year Maggie is making her debut. So when Maggie's Father suggests they go to Yellowstone National Park for a job, Maggie is horrified. But when they arrive, Maggie is taken completely by surprise, she loves the scenery of the park, she might just make new friends and she meets Tom, the handsome son of a park geologist. But as Maggie gets deeper and deeper into the park, and into herself, she finds shocking facts about herself and her family.

I really did like, Faithful. I was a little hesitant when I read it back in May though to read it. Maggie sounded like a silly little girl who finally had to face real life. I was extremely surprised when I fell in love with it!
Maggie at the beginning was whiny but she under went great change during the novel.  I really, really liked Tom, in fact me and my friend started pretending he was quite real, I mean we were joking if course. He was extremely nice to Maggie and I think he was one if the driving forces in the way Maggie's character developed. I also really like Maggie's elderly lady friend and I think she was a very positive influence. I didn't like Maggie's servant/traveling companion, Kula I felt sorry for her but she was just plain mean sometimes.
The setting was great, and sometimes I felt like I was in Yellowstone myself, it possibly helped that I have already been there.

And now on to the story. It was great, at first it was a little boring but then the author totally stepped it up and it became extremely interesting. And I have to say that my favorite scene, was the one with the wagon, I though that was so actiony, alright I don't want to say it was full of action so we get the actiony, but if you haven't read it you won't know what I am even talking about!

I would definatly reccomend this book, espically if you are looking for a light read.


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