Friday, September 10, 2010

Results of the Poll!

Hey Everyone!
The poll only has one day left and I am pretty sure no one else is going to vote so I have already started reading the book that won! I am pretty happy though about the poll! 10 people voted! Isn't that exciting! I would love to thank all the people that voted!

Here are the results of the poll:
Wondrous Strange: 50%
Eyes like Stars: 30%
Hush, Hush: 20%
Magic Under Glass: 0%

I have already started reading Wondrous Strange by Lesley Livingston and so far it is great! Since I feel like wasting time I am going to something special after this sentence.

Really want to read this!

I love Angel books, hopefully this lives up to expectations!

Like the first ones, hope this one is as good!

I read the first chapter and that was amazing! Want to read it so bad!

Love the Salem Witch Trials! Hope this one is good, it is written in verse. Not sure how I feel about it!

Wonder if it is good!?

Been wanting to read this for a long time!

What is on your TBR list?

Hey what you think about doing a Luxe series week before Anna Godbersen's new book, Bright Young Things come out? Wouldn't that be awesome?

If you can, please leave a comment about what you want to read, or what you think of my idea, or email me at if you have any ideas for my blog and reviews, or if you want to comment and you can't!
Have a great day!


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