Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sea by Heidi R. Kling

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Title: Sea

Author: Heidi R. Kling

Rating: 5 stars

Review: Sienna Jones, has had a hard time ever since her mother died 3 years ago when she was 12. She has been tormented by nightmares and is afraid to come out of her own shell. When Sienna's father suggests a trip to Indonesia to help survivors of a tsunami, she is reluctant to go but then at the last minute decides maybe it would be best for her. When Sienna arrives, she is heartbroken at the loss and sadness of this children. When a Orphan Boy named Deni takes interest to Sienna, and she to him, she immediately responds to his pleas to help him. But it just might cause all the walls she has put up over the years to come tumbling down.

Sea in three words: Amazing, Amazing and Amazing!

LOL, well while it was amazing, it was also heartbreaking and I found myself tearing up a couple of times during the book!

Some of the situations Sienna had to go through, made me shudder. I don't think I could ever use the Mandi! Which happened to be the "Bathroom." And I am pretty sure most people in fully developed countries couldn't either!

Sienna was a very touching main character that I loved! She had gone through so much but was still a great young person. Deni, while I loved him, was not exactly who I wanted Sienna to be with when everything was said and done! I won't say what happened but I was happy with the way things were wrapped up!

The other supporting characters like Sienna's friends back home and her new friends at the orphanage were just as great! I felt like I really knew them and I felt Sienna's pain and the little kids pain, too.

The overall plot had a good theme to it and I enjoyed reading what happened to Sienna and her adventures in Indonesia!

I think the book also offers a good message, to volunteer and help out where ever you can, whether it be at home or abroad. I know this book has certainly inspired me too so.

Overall this book was one of the best debut reads I have read, probably one of the best books period. And that's saying a lot!


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