Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Lying Game by Sara Shepard

Today is Sunday, usually there is an IMM, but I didn't get any books this week....I feel so deprived! Well I should be getting lots of books on a certain special day next week! I asked for a lot of maybe I will do a post of my "wish list" for the holidays!

Anyways here is my review, I am a little nervous since this is my first review for NetGalley! Tell me how I did!

Title: The Lying Game

Author: Sara Shepard

How Received: NetGalley

Rating: 4.5 stars

Review: Emma, has been in foster care ever since she was a little girl.  So When she sees a video of a girl being strangled that looks exactly like her, Emma jumps at the chance to find her hopefully long lost twin. But it seems like Sutton, her twin, is missing and isn't ever coming back. Which leaves Emma in her place, trying to figure out herself and the mysterious sister she will never know.

I don't know what to think about this book! I loved it and the mystery but sometimes I felt like I was so disconnected from Emma and I really didn't know who she really was.

But other than that I enjoyed this book immensely. I liked how the mystery played out, and even though we never got an answer at the end, I felt like I was guessing the whole time! There were so many twists and turns about who Emma thinks murdered her sister, that I couldn't even begin to guess who did it. Even when I thought I knew who did it, I was smacked in the face with yet another twist. Now that the book is over I even have a hunch to who murdered Sutton but don't expect me to share who!

I liked the characters, even though they weren't the best of people. Ethan was probably my favorite since he and Emma were the only "nice" people. All of Sutton's/Emma's friends were so mean! And the Lying Game was terrible! Those girls truly were mean.

I sorta liked but disliked how Sutton came in at random places and said things. Sometimes it was nice to hear what she was thinking but it was also distracting.

I understand that this plot line isn't exactly original for the author, but since I haven't read the Pretty Little Liars series I was okay with this. Still I love mysteries, I don't think this plot line could get too old for me.

Overall this was a very well written book that I really liked! The mystery was great! Sometimes I don't feel like there are enough mystery books out there for Young Adults!

I am anxiously awaiting the second book, Never have I Ever! Hurry up April!

I also loved how at the end the author said that you should never try the pranks described in the book. Because they were just downright mean.

Special thanks to NetGalley and HarperTeen for providing me with this!


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