Saturday, December 18, 2010

Blog Happenings (11)

Sorry this post is a little late! I was out doing some Christmas shopping! FUN!

I am enjoying my first weekend of freedom, and I don't have any homework! I could work on a finals review I have but I don't think so! No one else in my grade has to take finals except the people in Algebra, it isn't fair! Smacks herself for being such a nerd.

Anyways, I finished Nightshade this morning.....Did I like it? Nope. If your friends with me on GoodReads, you should know exactly how I feel about this book! Review sometime soon!

I am currently reading Other by Karen Kincy, I'm like just in the first couple of pages, but it seems good so far!

I am doing great on my Winter Break/Galley Challenge! 3 out of 8 required books (11 in total) YAY! Then after Other I am going to read Whisper! And then The Thirteenth Chime and then 13 to Life. I'll fit those Galleys in there somehow! I'm going to see if I can read Unearthly and Angelfire in the first few days of January so they count for the 2011 Debut Author Challenge!

I'm thinking about submitting my name for The Teen Book Scene.....But I am a little nervous about getting rejected or getting nothing back at all! Oh Well! Maybe I will wait a little bit longer. Actually that's a really good idea! Forget I said anything about that!

Did you notice my new countdown widgets? Desires of the Dead and Clarity? I am so excited to read both of these, I know they will be favorites, they just have to be!

In Fact I am so excited for all the Debuts for 2011! They all look so goods! On my list I didn't include Wither and Populazzi but I am now! I don't know if Populazzi is spelled right.....? No ones going to read this anyway!

And if  you do, at least I have one fan out there!

Reviewed this week: Sea, Always a Witch: Mini Review and Two Girls of Gettysburg.

Upcoming: The Lying Game and Nightshade!

Aren't these covers just beautiful!? Sorry I just had to show these, even though everyone already knows what they look like!


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