Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dead is the New Black by Marlene Perez

While doing my review archive the other day, I noticed that all the books that I reviewed that started with D's all had something in the title to do with death! This is no exception!

Title: Dead is the New Black

Author: Marlene Perez

Rating: 5 stars

Review: Daisy Giorano is the black sheep of the family, she has no psychic powers like her mom and sisters. Her mom helps solve crime in their small town of Nightshade, so when one of the cases her mom is solving hits close to home Daisy is willing to investigate, psychic powers or not. But she can't do it without a little help. And by help she needs Ryan Mendez, the police chief's super hot son!

Dead is the New Black is a great, fun refreshing story that I couldn't stop reading! I absolutely loved it!

Daisy was an amazing main character, and I loved her so much. I don't quite know why, but maybe it was just the way she told the story or maybe it was her personality but she was a great character.

The supporting characters, Daisy's family, her classmates and Ryan, were also funny characters that I enjoyed reading about. especially Ryan, he was so sweet and funny, and very hot! He and Daisy made a awesome couple!

The plot was paranormal but not too overbearing. In the opening pages the author makes fun of vampires and what the rage they are! While it did involve vampires as bad guys, you don't have to worry, they didn't take over the story. But the plot was a good one that sucked me in till the last page.

Does anyone know what Daisy looks like?

Anyone want to know how glad I am that I picked this up? I am soo glad!

I think I used a little too many words like: awesome and amazing but oh well, it was just that good.


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