Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Other by Karen Kincy

Happy Tuesday! I don't want to write a review, I'm sick of reviews! Yeah, I need to suck it up but I'm tired and stressed about a project at school. Even though school's out, I'm still worrying because it's a movie about fashion for English (And what does that have to do with English?). All I can hope is that I get a good grade on it! Don't worry about the reviews, there will be one tomorrow. And then some stuff about my favorite reads of 2010 and such.

Title: Other

Author: Karen Kincy

Rating: 4 stars

Review: Gwen Williams has always lived with the fact she's an Other. A creature accepted in American Society but never less shunned. Gwen is a 50% Pooka, a shape-shifter. Having to deal with the pressures of being an Other and with a boyfriend who has no clue she's an Other, Gwen is overwhelmed when Others are being murdered around her small rural town. Gwen tries to figure out the murders but she won't succeed without being the killer's prey herself.

Other was another solid, strong debut that was highly enjoyable.

Gwen was a great character and I loved her! She was strong and funny. And she blogged, which was cool. And most importantly Gwen was unique, she was Other and I loved her for it.

There were quite a few supporting characters but I'd have to say my favorite was Tavian. I hope I'm spelling that right! He was funny, supportive, and he also blogged. Plus he was cute, and not in an adorable puppy way. Actually he was probably hot!

I love mysteries, so that was probably the main reason I picked this up but I was surprised by it entirely. It kept me reading and it kept me enthralled. It was amazing.

The one thing I didn't like, other than a few little things, was the negativity towards Christians. It was terrible, the way they were described in the book. It made Christians sounds like overbearing, prejudiced people who liked to shove their beliefs in your face. Umm...No? I'm not saying no Christians, or even people in general are like that because many are. But this really was a negative point in the book for me.

But anyways I would recommend this book to mystery and paranormal lovers alike!

Side Note: While the cover is gorgeous is freaks me out a little! I don't know why though.


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