Saturday, August 14, 2010

Wolves and A Mystery

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I am doing a review today but I would also like to talk about a book I am currently reading, Raised by Wolves by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. So far Raised by Wolves is just amazing, and I mean AMAZING! I am not a fan of werewolf books at all and I find this book well, amazing! The main character Bryn is totally awesome and someone you would want to have as your ally and not as a enemy. Ms. Barnes writes great and I am just devouring it, for some reason I am taking precious time from reading it and writing this review! Even though I am only on page 241 of 418 I would totally recommend this book! Possibly even for werewolf haters. But alas I promised myself I would review this so here we go with a review!

Title: A Spy in the House

Series: The Agency #1

Author: Y.S. Lee
Rating: 5 stars

Review: In this adventurous, historical novel, Mary Quinn is sentenced to hang at the ripe age of 12. For thievery. But in disguise of a miracle she is rescued by a kind lady mascaraing a prison lady. This miracle lady offers Mary the chance if a lifetime, go back to court and be hanged or attend Miss Scrimshaws Academy for Girls. Mary, of course, chooses the latter. When we next see Mary she is 16 and still at Miss Scrimshaws Academy. Mary is feeling restless and does not think life as a teacher will ever suit her and most importantly she will never be happy. On a mission for happiness, Mary goes and talks to the headmistresses of the academy. When she talks to them she gets the surprise of her life, the headmistresses run the Agency, an elite detective agency for women. And they ask Mary to join and she does. After a month of physical and mental training, Mary is given her first assignment, to pose as a Lady's maid and infiltrate a smuggling business. Mary is faced with danger, a man who comes close to discovering her secret, her past coming back to haunt her and she is faced with the possibility of becoming a pawn in a dangerous smuggling ring.

A Spy in the House was suspenseful and full of mystery. Mary was a brave main character that was struggling with her past and I found her quite enjoyable. Her partner in crime was James a young man I became quite attached to and thought he was positively great. Of course, though James has no clue that Mary works for the agency. I loved the Agency and want much more of Mary and James.

Great book! The sequel to A Spy in the House, A Body in the Tower is already out and will be arriving in my mailbox on August 18! I simply can not wait!


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