Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gone. . .?

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Title: Gone

Author: Michael Grant

Rating: 5 stars

Review: Sam Temple lives in Perido Beach, California when "it" happens. All of a sudden everyone 15 and up disappears. There are no more teachers, parents, older siblings, no more anyone. And there just happens to be a wall around them that never ends. All of a sudden Sam is deemed leader and while he doesn't want to do it he feels like he owes it to the kids. Sam thinks that somehow he has created this problem. With crazy kids, mutating kids and animals and a great epic battle Gone is a amazing read.

Gone really explores what would happen if there were no adults, and I found found Gone to be a compelling read. Sam was a great kid and you wish that you would get to meet him. There was a sweet romance in the story. The characters were good. Even though Gone is super long, it is worth it!

Tomorrow: The sequel to Gone, Hunger!!!!


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