Sunday, August 15, 2010

Anastasia's Secret

Hello Children,
I am so worn out today it is not even funny, and I am not feeling to good, which is why I decided to write a review and plus it was on my to do list. Just in case you would want to know what my to do list is, I am including it at the end of this post! And to reviewing we go!

Title: Anastasia's Secret

Author: Susanne Dunlap
Rating: 3.5 stars

Review: Anastasia's Secret is the story of Anastasia Romanova (spelled that way since Anastasia is female, male is Romanov). As the youngest daughter of Russia's last Tsar, Anastasia has led a sheltered, privileged life in the royal palace. At least she has until she meets Sasha, when she is 12. Sasha is a soldier and he becomes a good friend of Anastasia's. With Sasha as her guide, he shows her the way life is outside the palace and how very lucky she is. As they grow older and meet every so often, Anastasia starts to fall in love with Sasha and he with her. But then comes the political unrest. When Anastasia and her family are removed from the royal palace for treason and other crimes, Sasha starts working for the new government, the Soviet Union. Sasha tells Anastasia that he is only doing this for her and her family so they can escape. Will Sasha and Anastasia's love survive and will Sasha help Anastasia and her family escape?

Yuck, that was a hard summary to write and not very good. The reason I has some trouble writing the summary is because the books takes place for about 4-5 years and sometimes you really get a little confused about the time. At least I did. The plot is quite choppy and it focuses on only the very important thing and not the little things that are sometimes very important. There was also a little too much historical detail in the book. We seemed to know everything about the time period and what was going on but not enough about what Anastasia was doing. Sometimes this happened and sometimes it didn't. I also personally felt that the romance between Anastasia and Sasha was a little fake and forced and disappointing.

OK, I will stop being critical! Some of the romance was fine, I admit, just forced and fake didn't I tell you to stop being mean?! Now Anastasia was a very nice character and I like hearing her feelings. Sasha well is Sasha and sometimes I don't think that he had enough feelings for Anastasia, either that or his feeling weren't portrayed very well. (There I go being negative again.) Overall this was a OK story but it just needs a little help, in my opinion.

Well there you have it, my 1st terrible and mean review! The only reason I picked up this book was because I love all this Anastasia but this one was just a little dry! I would recommend this but just not to anyone who doesn't like historical novels.

For those who are curious!
My to do list for August 15, 2010
  1. Dust Room: Accomplished
  2. Vacuum Room: Accomplished
  3. Clean Desk: Accomplished
  4. Clean up pillows and animals (lol): Accomplished
  5. Clean up Hats: Accomplished
  6. Hang up Taylor Lautner poster: Accomplished
  7. Label School Supplies: Accomplished
  8. Clean up clothes: Accomplished
  9. Write thank you notes: Accomplished
  10. Finish Body Finder Review: Accomplished
  11. Start Anastasia's Secret Review: Accomplished and Finished Review!
Mission Accomplished! 10 days to Mockingjay and I am almost done with Raised by Wolves!


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