Monday, August 16, 2010

2 in 1!

Hi! We are doing two reviews in one post! Let's go!
Title: I so don't do mysteries

Author: Barrie Summy
Rating: 5 stars

Review: 7th grader Sherry Baldwin (short for Sherlock Holmes Baldwin) is going to San Diego for spring break with her best friend, Junie. Just before she is going to leave her father decides to move his remarriage up. Sherry isn't one bit happy, mostly because her father is marrying her teacher from school, who Sherry despises. Then at the wedding Sherry's mother contacts her. Did I mention that Sherry's mother was a police officer who died in a drug bust? Well Sherry's mom just happens to be a ghost attending the Academy of Spirits and she can communicate with only one person: Sherry, who needs to help her mom. And since Sherry's mom is just a beginning ghost she needs Sherry to help her solve a mystery in San Diego involving poachers and rhinos at the San Diego zoo. Will Sherry prove to her Mom that she can solve this mystery and make it out unharmed?

I so don't do mysteries is a hilarious and very good mystery. Full if awesome funny characters it is a great read. I really like Sherry, she was super great and had a funny voice. This is a great and funny read!

Next up we have the second book in the I so don't so mysteries series!

Title: I so don't do spooky

Author: Barrie Summy
Rating: 5 stars

Review: In I so don't do spooky, the second book in the I so don't mysteries, Sherry is ready to sleuth and have some fun! Sherry's stepmother has a stalker and Sherry's mom wants her to track down the stalker. Sherry isn't very positive that her step mom, Paula, has a stalker but then she sees some weird things happening. Paula's tires are slashed, she becomes disorganized, (she is a control freak) her car keys go missing for hours and someone is sabotaging Paula's robot team at school. By the time Sherry figures this out, she is afraid it is too late. Will Sherry catch the Stalker?

Sherry "Sherlock" Holmes Baldwin is back and better than ever. In this new mystery Sherry is even more outgoing and outspoken. With her boyfriend, Josh and her best friend Junie she goes looking for the ghosts and I absolutely loved it. A good read!

I can't wait to read the next book, I so don't do makeup but unfortunately a friend has it and I will have to get it back from her!

I have just finished Raised by Wolves by Jennifer Lynn Barnes and I loved it! It is one of my new favorite books. I am really excited to start Deadly Little Secret by Laurie Farie Stolarz, it looks really good! And I can not wait to read the Hunger Games which I should have back from the same friend very soon!

Coming soon: A Raised by Wolves review and a spotlight on Intrinsical by Lani Woodland, that is releasing on Friday!


Phae Phae said...

I told you! You have to read Sea first! Are you even home???

Katie said...

I was in the car when i wrote it on my ipod them I emailed myself! Fine I will read sea first

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