Monday, August 23, 2010

What would it be like to dress up as a boy. . .?

You know what? That would be a very interesting thing to do! Well the Character in the book I am reviewing does just that!

Title: The Education of Bet

Author: Lauren Baratz-Logsted
Rating 4.5 stars

Review: The Education of Bet is a fun historical fiction novel. Elizabeth or Bet as she prefers to be called has always wanted a education, so when the opportunity to be educated comes around she grabs it right away. Bet's brother in spirit, Will, hates school and always gets sent down from school. And he wants to join the military. So with that bet comes up with a hare-brained plan for her to dress up as a boy and go to school. Will Bet be discovered at school? And what about her roommate who she is attracted to?

The Education of Bet was really good. The idea for the the story was awesome and it made me dress up like a boy! Just kidding, but it did sound like fun! Bet was quite hilarious and I really liked Bet's roommate James. He was quite awesome! I would totally recommend this book!

Tomorrow: Review of Beautiful Darkness
Have a Great Monday! And tomorrow Mockingjay comes out!!!!!!!!!!


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