Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How Beautiful

How beautiful is right, the book that I am reviewing is quite amazing and I loved it!

Title: Beautiful Creatures

Author: Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl
Rating: 5 stats

Review: Ethan Wate has always lived in the small southern town of Gatlin and can not wait to get out. When Lena Duchannes comes to town she is labeled as a freak but Ethan is willing to stand up for her. At first Lena doesn't want anything to do with Ethan but eventually they become friends, which develops into sometime more. But Lena is hiding a lot of secrets about who she is. When Ethan finds out what Lena is, he is caught up in a whirlwind if problems but will he survive all the problems?

Beautiful Creatures was great. It was a little long but I guess the plot required it. The setting was truly a part of the story too. It was beautifully written and you would never guess it was written by two authors! I thought having a male POV was very unique and I enjoyed it. The mystery about who Lena was, was compelling. Beautiful Creatures is amazing and I would definitely read it again.

Don't miss the 2nd book, Beautiful Darkness, coming October 12. See my countdown clock on the side if my blog!


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