Friday, August 13, 2010

Hex Hall is my 5th Review!!!

Yo Wuts up homies? OK Katie enough of that talk. And Hello everyone! I will try not to talk like a gangster in my 5th review! Just in case you were worried. I am very excited and feel the need to celebrate with birthday cake, which in fact I think I will, since my birthday is coming up soon!

I would like to thank my family and my one of my friends that reads this blog I would also like to thank... wait what am I doing! This is not a funeral and I am definitely not going to publish a book, or am I??? Hint hint. (I am not planning on that.) Well enough of my funny business for the day lets get down to reviewing!!!

Title: Hex Hall

Author: Rachel Hawkins
Rating: 5 stars

Review: Sophie Mercer is a witch, seriously. Sophie is sent to Hex Hall a school for misbehaving Prodigium, which are faeries, shapeshifters, witches and of course there happens to be a vampire. Sophie was sent to Hex Hall because of a spell gone wrong and the results were quite disastrous. When Sophie arrives at Hex Hall she has a very bad attitude and is not at all happy to be there. By the end of her 1st day Sophie has already got into quite a bit of trouble. She has made friends with the only vampire on campus and has some especially mean witches already at her throat. Did I mention Archer? Well Archer is the phenomenal love interest of Sophie. Later on, Sophie discovers that there has been a murder on campus and her first friend is the only suspect. Can Sophie clear her friends name, manage to survive, and kiss Archer? Or will she become prey of the murderer, herself?

First of all, doesn't the top half of the cover drive you nuts!? Not to judge a book by its cover or anything but it looks like Sophie (I am guessing that is who it is) is in pain! Anyways, Sophie is funny and has a great voice, she is an awesome main character. The mystery and paranormal aspect (with the prodigium) were quite amazing. I loved, loved, loved Hex Hall. Oh and Archer will always be the subject of my dreams (Sorry Oscar from Everlasting and Jay from the Body Finder and Zach from Shadow Hills and James from A spy in the House, I love you guys too) A must read!

Look for Demonglass, Hex Hall's sequel on March 1, 2011. I can not wait!


Phae Phae said...

Haha! I love Archer too! This book is one of my favorites!

Rita Renne said...

I will DEFINITELY be reading the sequel. The book peeked my interest too much, and the ending was MEAN! D: I love the whole twist and turn of events in the novel, and I do agree that Sophie is an excellent from and view point for this novel. (:

Awesome review as always~


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