Friday, August 13, 2010

Bad Angels, Good Angels, Oh My!!!


How is everyone doing today? I am doing great, thanks for asking. The book that I am reviewing today is one that I had a terrible time finding! They don't sell it online at Borders so I had to order it off of Barnes & Noble. All righty, time to start reviewing!

Title: Angel Star

Author: Jennifer Murgia
Rating: 4.75

Review: Teagan McNeel, our main character, is a very likable girl but she happens to only have one friend and is considered by many at school a freak. Even though they call her a freak, Teagan is very normal just a little bit shy. Then Teagan meets Garreth Adams, an amazingly nice, hot guy. And the most surprising fact to Teagan is that he is interested in her and wants to be her friend. At this time Teagan has no clue that captivating Garreth is an angel with a eight point star on his hand. But when Teagan learns that Garreth is her guardian angel, who only became human so he could get to know her better and protect her, she is ultimately very surprised. As Teagan and Garreth get to know each other better and, of course, start falling in love with each other, Garreth tells Teagan of a plot by a dark angel. The bad thing about this is Teagan is the only one that can ever stop this dark angel. Will Teagan and Garreth's love survive and more importantly, will they survive?

Angel Star was pretty great. Teagan was a excellent main character and I loved her very much but I do think I loved Garreth a little more. He is the kind of guy that is just so sweet and that everyone wants to meet. The angel mythology was quite interesting and I enjoyed it very much.
The only thing a little disappointing about the book was that it was a little confusing; sometimes I couldn't tell if Teagan was having a nightmare or if it was really happening. Otherwise this was a wonderful novel.


Phae Phae said...

Lol, my sister's name is Teagan!lol

Katie said...

yah phaedra I know! haha

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