Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Soul to Take

Happy Tuesday. So apparently last Tuesday I said Happy Friday! Um alright don't know what I was thinking! haha

Title: My soul to take

Author: Rachel Vincent

Rating: 5 stars

Review: Kaylee Cavanaugh is discovering some unique new powers. And not any normal powers either, she screams when someone is about to die. A terrible blood curling scream. Not only is she not sure what she is she thinks she is going crazy. Kaylee starts to seek answers to what may be happening to her, she finds startling answers and something wonderful she never expected.

I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!! SO MUCH! seriously! I had bought this maybe like a month ago and then I came across a raving review that made me pick this up. By the way I looked for the  review but I couldn't find it! I was so mad! Instead of doing my homework I read this book and loved it!

Kaylee was just a great character. I loved reading about her and her abilities.Getting in her head and knowing what she was thinking was amazing! Everything was just so unique and new to me and it made me read the book more because I needed to know what Kaylee was and what she could do. Nash was another plus factor in this book. He was incredibly hot and very sweet. But when reading summaries for the other books.....it sounds like he is being a bad boy. I have the other ones on order so hopefully they get here today or tomorrow.

The romance was very good and well written and I really, really enjoyed it. I mean who doesn't love romance!?

Anyway, all the character were great and so was the plot. I really like the suspense and the murder. I mean I didn't like it but I liked reading about it, if that makes any sense! I never saw that ending coming! I was like WOW!!

Overall this is one of my new favorite books and I finished it in about a day! Read this because you won't regret it!!


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