Thursday, November 4, 2010

Model Spy

Happy Thursday

Title: Model Spy

Author: Shannon Greenland

Rating: 5 stars

Review: Kelly James has been caught. For what? Hacking in to the government's top secret database. And now she is being shipped off to some ranch in California. Except this is no ordinary ranch, this is The Specialists Headquarters. The Specialists are a group of super talented kids that have broken the law, just like Kelly. Once you join the Specialists there is no getting out and Kelly can't decided what she wants to do. Save the day or go back to being a normal foster care kid?

Model Spy was a great spy book that left me thirsting for more of GiGi (Kelly) and her great supporting cast.

The idea of the story, not so original, but that really didn't matter to be since I seem to love all things spy. This book was no exception to my love. The mystery/mission was pretty original, in someways. I was always kept at the edge of my seat and I really, really wanted to read way into the night.

The characters were great, even though they could be a little cheesy but that did not make them any less enjoyable. GiGi, was a a very quirky character that found a special place in my heart. I mean who doesn't love a nerdy spy. One of her partners, David was a great sweet guy and I hope he shows up in later books!

I ordered the 2nd book and the series so hopefully it comes soon!


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