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Title: Torment

Author: Lauren Kate

Rating: 5 stars (I have very mixed feelings)

Review: Luce Price is attending a new school in California called Shoreline, a special place for neplimin and humans. But being there means Luce is separated from her one true lover over centuries, Daniel. To make things even more terrible for Luce, Daniels been keeping secrets. Now Luce isn't sure what to  do and who to trust without getting into trouble, which she seems to have an uncanny talent for.

Can I just say that I am so anti-Daniel right now, it's not even funny!? He is such a girl!! He is, he never tells Luce anything and is always keeping secrets which makes her even more mad and rebellious! And she and Daniel were always getting into fights! Always! Ugh! I hate him!

Anyways, I absolutely loved the plot of this book! It was a little slow going at first, possibly because you were getting caught up on what happened in the last book and Luce whining and crying But then things really picked up, I was so interested and intrigued by Luce's past and new school, Shoreline. Her new friends were amazing. I absolutely loved Shelby, she was a kick butt character and she was also a good friend. Miles, her other new friend is my new fictional crush. He is sweet all the time, fun to be around and even Luce has figured this out. I'm sorta Team Miles, if there's any such time.

If it was possible, I started to like Cam, yes I did. He's actually really cool and if there was no one else for Luce then he would be my choice for her. I was so happy when Adrianne and Roland came back!!! Yay! They are two exceptionally good characters that are a ton of fun!

My all time favorite scene in the book was when Miles and Luce play board games. I think you know why. Then another favorite scene was the Thanksgiving scene. Everyone, Angel or Demon, was together for Thanksgiving and it was just really sweet. I almost felt like crying it was so happy. Not what followed but.....

Other than Luce annoying me at first I loved this book and I flew through it!

By the way Luce, pick Miles, not Daniel because Miles saved you!

Does anyone else like Miles and not Daniel??


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