Saturday, November 13, 2010

Blog Happenings

Happy Saturday!!

I am currently reading Torment by Lauren Kate, the book is good but Luce is really starting to get on my nerves.

My school had a book fair that I gave some money too, by buying books of course!! Ha!

NaNoWriMo is going good.

Enter Contesto!! Hurry before it's over. And if I haven't said this before it's U.S only.

You will never guess what I made! Here it is!

I put it together myself, and now it's my desktop background! It looks stunning. If you want one because you don't know how to make one, or if you're too lazy to make one, please email me with a list of books you want, about 30 books or so. and I will do it FREE of charge. Did you get that, Free! I think it's cool.

The bottom half of the cover for Angie Frazier's new book has been released along with the title. I'll show you it here but head on over to Novel Thoughts to see the original post.

The title is The Eternal Sea, which is the most awesome title ever. Now the cover is extremely different from Everlasting. I think it's good but then again they won't look pretty next to each other on a book case *sniffle sniffle* I'll get over my crazy thoughts though.

Here it is. I can tell it's going to be amazing!

If they show the girls face, I think I'll be a little disappointed. But doesn't this look a little like the cover for Torment?
Sorta Similar, don't you think? Just a little though. The Eternal Sea is going to be so much cooler!!


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