Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Claire de Lune

I hope your Wednesday is going fine and dandy! I love the book I am reviewing today! So Awesome! Now this review was supposed to come out yesterday and I am soooo sorry it didn't! I had it scheduled but when I got on today to publish another review.....there was nothing here! Sorry about the wait!

Title: Claire de Lune

Author: Christine Johnson

Rating: 5 stars

Review: Claire is having the best sweet sixteen birthday party ever. Well it could be even better if her mom would get her a car for her birthday. Matthew, her crush, is asking her out when suddenly everything goes wrong. Werewolves are killing people in her small town. A couple if days later Claire's mom tells Claire who she really is. A werewolf. At first Claire runs from her identity but if she doesn't embrace it soon, more people are going to get hurt.

Claire de Lune is one of my favorite types if books! It has werewolves, adventure, uniqueness and of course romance.
Claire was a spectacular character that was easy to connect too, even though she was going through stuff normal humans don't do. Like being a werewolf. The werewolf pack was another great addition to the plot and I like each ones personality; even if it was annoying. Claire's mom was a real weirdo sometimes but she began to get a little better. Matthew, Claire's human love interest and therefore off limits, was very refreshing in a cast of almost all girls.

The Plot, while at times predictable, was unique. I loved all the adventure and the things that happened. The best thing about the book though was the author's take on werewolves. They're all girls. Not a single boy. Interesting and great.

If you love werewolves or any paranormal book and clean books, you should read this book!


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