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Title: Wildwing

Author: Emily Whitman

Rating: 5 stars

Review: It's 1913, England and Addy wants nothing more than to live a different life. Addy is extremely poor so when her mother takes he out of school and makes her go to work, she's devastated. At Mr. Greenwood's house Addy discovers a new world, full of books and interesting gadgets. While using a "lift" Addy is whisked back in time where she is thought to be Lady Matilda, a noblewoman. Addy thinks she has hit the jackpot, especially when she finds friendship with the falconer's son, Will. But Addy is not prepared for all that's going to happen and she might not make it out in time.

This book is a time travel book, so it went to by to be read list, the moment I saw it on goodreads.

I was don't at all disappointed with the story. It had time travel, interesting characters, accurate historical details and a mystery. I loved how things played out and how everything happened.

The only thing that bugged me was Addy. She thinks she's better than everyone else and is quite selfish. Thankfully as the story goes on she grows up. Otherwise, I don't think I could have stood her for very long. But the other characters were quite unique and I enjoyed watching what happened with them.

I really liked how Addy was fascinated with falcons, not to mention the falconer's son! She and Will went out almost everyday and I learned a few interesting facts about falconing in medieval times. I really enjoyed that.

I liked the ending to the story, but I think it was a tad bit too quick. But otherwise I was very satisfied with the book and ending!


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