Friday, November 26, 2010

Girl, Stolen


Happy Friday I hope your thanksgiving was very good!! Sorry if this review is formatted funky, I am not on my regular laptop and the computer I was on was not cooperating!

Title: Girl, Stolen

Author: April Henry

Rating: 5 stars

Review: While Cheyenne Wilder is curled up in a back seat and her mom is filling a prescription the car she is in, is stolen. Cheyenne is taken to a rural area and is kept under constant supervision by a boy named Griffin. The only thing that's troubling him is that Cheyenne is blind and has pneumonia. As Griffin begins to side with Cheyenne, they both go on the most gruesome journey if their lives.

I don't think I would have even thought about picking Girl, stolen up if it hadn't been for the comtemps challenge. But I am extremely glad I did. Girl, Stolen was a book that I would have just ignored if I was given a choice but I am so I am so happy that I did choose this for the contemps challenge.

I really liked Cheyenne, she was strong and was a brilliant heroine. She was very capable in taking care of herself ever since she had been in an accident when she was thirteen and lost her eye sight. I thought it was a great story element for Cheyenne to be blind it added so much more to the story. But I also learned a lot too. Which I greatly enjoyed.

Griffin, who originally kidnapped Cheyenne but then started to regret it was a good character too and I grew to really like him. I just felt really sorry for him because he the the potential to be a great kid. His father was absolutely terrible though and was truly a cruel hearted person. His "employees" were just as easy to hate too.

The whole idea of the story was so heart-breaking and I was so afraid that the character would not survive their ordeal. If they did or didn't I am not going to tell you because you need to read this book yourself!

Overall I just loved, the characters and the overall plot which earns this book a 5 stars!

Now I am so much more excited to read for Contemps books!!


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