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Sorry this post is a little late, but you'll still enjoy it!

Title: Switch

Author: Carol Snow

Rating: 5 stars

Review: Claire Martin has been having problems since she was a teenager. And they weren't normal teenage problems either, they were body switching episodes occurring when ever there's a thunderstorm in the area. Now Claire's switched with a vacationer in her town and can't get back to her regular body. Even more weird, Claire or the body she's in has the attention of Claire's long time crush. The biggest question is: will she be able to get back to her body?

I discovered this book by complete accident, I accidentally clicked on it while I was surfing the web and I didn't even bother to read the summary. The next day while looking at Blogs I follow, I saw the book again! I was more than surprised and so I looked the book up, this time reading the summary. It looked amazing, but I knew I was going to have to wait awhile to get it. I did a spotlight Monday for switch and then the same day, I go down to my schools book fair. Switch was there just waiting for me to buy, which I did immediately. So you probably didn't care but I think it's cool. Now on to the actual review.

I really liked Claire, she was the type of girl who shopped in the boys section and the type that was always nice, but blended into the background. Which then makes her the girl who likes a guy who always calls her dude. She was a special character, not to mention her special powers of switching back in forth which is totally cool!!! Until you get stuck. The supporting characters were interesting, I really liked Nate and Beanie but I hated Claire's grandmother, she was just plain selfish.

Nate was a sweet guy, who just needed to wake up and realize that the real Claire was there already! It really frustrated me.

The plot of the story was more focused on Claire becoming who she actually was but in another body, instead of on her switching abilities which was a nice change.

The reason why I love this book: It's extremely fun and sassy. It has relatable characters and an easy to follow plot, and it has a lot of things that make a story really good! I was especially surprised to learn this is the authors debut novel!! The only thing I am going to complain about is the ending, it just stopped, I wish there had been some sort of 5 months later or what not but I will just have to settle with my imagination.

Otherwise this was an amazing debut!


Hope said...

Hey Katie!! Nice blog!!! And a lot of contests!!!! Well keep on readin'!

Katie said...

Hope! I will keep on reading! Glad you stopped by!

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