Saturday, January 14, 2012

Blog Happenings (52)

Hi everyone! So nice to see you on this Saturday!

The Gathering Storm by Robin Bridges- I like this one but it has been really hard for me to get into! I'm also very confused by all the characters and what they believe!

I tried reading The International Kissing Club by Ivy Adams but it's just a little stupid. I'm going to try to get back to it later.

Fracture by Megan Miranda- This one was pretty great!

A Million Suns by Beth Revis
The Iron Maiden by Resa Nelson

I finally got A Million Suns and I'm just dying to read it already! 

I'm in the process of cleaning my bookshelves. I'm not getting rid of any books but I really hate having books on top of books. I need to find a solution! Or maybe I just need to stop buying books. But that is never going to happen, sadly. I guess I have a need to help the economy! :)

In other words, I watched Water for Elephants last night! I thought it was a great movie, mainly because of how well done the circus aspect was. The acting wasn't bad, either! Now I really want to read the book. Rosie, the elephant, was amazing!!

Thanks for reading everyone! I'll see you tomorrow! 


Racquel (A Book Barbie) said...

I can't wait to read A Million Suns my self! I hope it will be even better then AtU.

Racquel @ The Book Barbies♥
-thank you&come again.

Lauren M said...

I LOL'd at your comment about International Kissing Club.
I read A Million Suns last week, and it's SO good! You're going to love it, Katie. :)

Christy @ TheReaderBee said...

Looking forward to seeing what you thought of Fracture! :) I still haven't seen Water for Elephants. I loved the book though. :)

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