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Unraveling Isobel by Eileen Cook

Title: Unraveling Isobel
Author: Eileen Cook
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Publication Date: January 3, 2012
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Summary: Isobel’s life is falling apart. Her mom just married some guy she met on the internet only three months before, and is moving them to his sprawling, gothic mansion off the coast of nowhere. Goodbye, best friend. Goodbye, social life. Hello, icky new stepfather, crunchy granola town, and unbelievably good-looking, officially off-limits stepbrother.
But on her first night in her new home, Isobel starts to fear that it isn’t only her life that’s unraveling—her sanity might be giving way too. Because either Isobel is losing her mind, just like her artist father did before her, or she’s seeing ghosts. Either way, Isobel’s fast on her way to being the talk of the town for all the wrong reasons.

Review: If nothing else, Unraveling Isobel is funny. But it has so many other things going for it. It's creepy and the romance will melt your heart.

Isobel is literally one of the funniest characters that I've read about it a long time. She always had the best comebacks and snark. It definitely feel like it was scripted because that's a major turn off in books for me. Another thing that I just loved about Isobel was her lists! She made the best lists, and if you know me I love lists. The book even starts off with a list. In a way, it was what made me pick up Unraveling Isobel so easily.

Another plus to Unraveling Isobel was the romance. It was so sweet and steamy at the same time. It takes awhile for the romance between Isobel and Nate to actually start but once it does you won't be able to put the book down. The other supporting characters aren't as great but Nate and Isobel, as characters, make up for that.

Unraveling Isobel also has a paranormal element but it's very undefined and not developed. I liked it but I just wanted a bit more information about it. But it did add an awesome amount of creepiness to the book. And that was just fantastic!

Even though Unraveling Isobel has quite a few mixed reviews, I'd still recommend it for its funny factor and its characters. The ghosts and paranormal elements are just an added bonus.



Lisa said...

I love funny characters especially when they are a bit sarcastic and snarky. It makes it so much fun to read about them.

Mary @ BookSwarm said...

I"ve heard that this MC is amazing--now I really need to check her out. I adore when authors get the snark right. It's a hard thing to do because, too much and your character comes across as a bitter beyotch. Okay. Getting this book. Yep.

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