Saturday, July 23, 2011

Blog Happenings (30)

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a great start to your weekend!

Just a quick little reminder: If you followed me for Follow Friday and I haven't got back to you yet, I'm coming! The Internet wasn't working for awhile yesterday evening. I plan on doing that this morning and afternoon.

This has been a bad week. In terms of books and otherwise. I haven't read as many books as I'd hoped to. And Borders is closing. There isn't a decent bookstore unless I drive 45 minutes to the capital. And it isn't like I'm living out in the middle of no where. Its very frustrating, I'll have to order all my books online and that isn't very fun.

And I've had a string of bad luck: I lost my pool pass in a drain, I was incredibly sore from doing weights, I broke my flip flop, AND IT'S HOT! Whoever invented AC is my hero. And I'm stressed out about school and my birthday. This may not seem like a lot, and you probably don't care.

I'm reading The Iron Queen...its sooo good. I love Ash and Puck.

I've written so many reviews in the last few days. I'm a good review writer when I'm mad.

That's enough randomness for one day! See you tomorrow for IMM!


Gee said...

Aww I'm sorry to hear all this bad stuff happening to you. :c Well, I hope it gets better! I want to read THE IRON QUEEN really bad >___< But I can never find a chance to buy it! And I totally hear ya about Borders! I now have to drive super far just to get decent books. Talk about UGH.

Jules said...

I hope life gets back to being under control soon!

And I am sure you must be due for a change in luck!

BookJunkie said...

Well, I certainly hope everything gets better for ya!

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