Saturday, April 2, 2011

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Hope your April Fool's day was superb! I LOVE April Fool's Day and you wouldn't think I'd love it because I am fooled sooooo easily. Anyhow, let me tell you what I'm reading!

I'm reading Stay by Deb Caletti. Still. I had a hard time getting into the book, but now it is so worth it! I hope to finish it soon!

I'm trying to read Being Nikki and Fixing Delilah but I have so much school related things to do, it is stupid!

No one will remember this, but I have a science teacher who hates me and doesn't want me to get an A but I pulled it off this quarter! YES! I hate science, I used to love it but I really dislike it now. Science is really the only subject that I have to worry about getting an A in. I know you really don't care, but it made me happy!

I seriously can't think of anything else to share, but have you guys heard about iClue??! It sounds amazing. I might repost/reshare about it later in the day!

I do have one other book related thing to share, I finished Jinx by Meg Cabot the other day, and while it wasn't super duper amazing, it was still great!

After I finish all my library books, I NEED to start Invincible Summer by Hannah Moskowitz! And then all the other review galleys I have, they expire too quickly. And is it just my imagination or has NetGalley lowered their time you can read books..? I downloaded The Goddess Test and The Lipstick Laws and they are only available for 55 days, not 60.

Also on a NetGalley related note, is it taking longer and longer for your requests to be approved? I was used to waiting about 4,5 days but lately I've had to wait 2-3 weeks for a reply. It is driving me nuts!



Maia said...

*sign* teachers.

new follower.

Lisa said...

I agree with the whole NetGalley thing. I have so many books I need to get to on there. Thanks for letting me know about the challenge.

Cheree said...

Great post. I agree with the NetGalley thing. It's taking longer for accepts (or even declines) to come in... I can't stand it.

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