Friday, December 23, 2011

What to Read (12)

Hi everyone!

What to Read is just a little thing I like to do that features a slew of books from a certain genre. Sometimes I don't exactly do genres, but you get the gist!

Today I'm featuring:

What to Read before 2011 is over!

This video is pretty long so don't feel bad if you don't watch it all, I totally understand. I feel like on video I sound funny and have a lisp. Plus my head looks huge. This video included phones ringing and squirrel sightings because I'm too stupid to edit it. 


Lauren M said...

It's great to see your face, Katie! :P You did a great job vlogging! Thanks for all the recommendations! :)

Saba said...

o katie, u sound so serious and professional! i <3 ur video!

Hope said...

Awwww... Kater! You're so cute in this vid! I hope your having an awesome break!!!! See ya later!

Lisa said...

Great video and list. I added some books to my list, but I don't think I'll have them read by the end of this year.

Anna said...

Great list, I now have some more on my TBR pile!

The Bursting Bookshelf

Phae Phae said...

Teagan laughed... hehe nice job!

Grandma Jo said...

Awesome video, Grandpa and I loved it.

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