Saturday, December 31, 2011

Blog Happenings (50)

Happy New Year's Eve! It's very hard to believe that the year is coming to a close. There will be some wrap up post that I need to do as far as challenges go later in the day. I think I failed my historical challenge..oops!

This is a book I have for a blog tour, I'm not too far into it. I hope to finish it by today, though!

I hoped to finish Daughter of Smoke & Bone this year but that obviously isn't going to happen! Maybe I'll get a little bit of it read. 
Otherwise, I have tons of Netgally books that I need to read. The end of the year makes you (and me!) realize how badly you've been slacking! 
I envy people that can just go from one book to a time and not worry about how they didn't quite make it to this book and such. I, obviously, can't do that. I stress out about all the books I have on my shelves that I haven't got to. Which, frankly, is a little silly!

Cinder by Marissa Meyer-I loved this one, expect a review on Monday!
Blood Red Road by Moira Young-This one was fantastic! Go read it now!!
Possess by Gretchen McNeil-This one was a great read, definitely loved the banishment parts.
Still Waters by Emma Carlson Berne-Pleasantly surprised by how creepy this one was!

I've read 185 books this year, I hope to make that 186 by midnight! For a list of those: Books Read

I hope to get some housecleaning done on the blog this afternoon so it's prepped for the new year!

Stayed tuned for my Challenge updates!


Lisa said...

186 books! I'm very impressed. What an accomplishment. Congratulations and Happy New Years!

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