Saturday, March 12, 2011

Why Haven't I . . . (1)

It's Saturday everyone, and in order to show everyone how crazy I am I decided to post books I haven't read yet, and frankly am scared to read, in case they aren't as good as everyone says!

This week's pick is: The Iron Fey Series by Julie Kagawa

The Iron King, The Iron Daughter, and The Iron Queen

Is it incredibly stupid that I haven't read this series yet, and I remain hesitant!

You would think after seeing soo many great reviews for it, I would pick it up.

I don't even have the excuse of not having them, well I don't have the last one yet but I have enough to get me started!

What is MY PROBLEM??? If I don't have these read by the end of the summer, then...

Has anyone ever hesitated from reading a book just because everyone said it was amazing??


Elodie said...

I haven't read this series yet but I've heard so many great thngs about it !! I still have to buy the first book, unlike you .. I look forward to know what you think of it !! =)

Jessica said...

Totally understand your hesitation. There are plenty of books where I do the same. And these were some of them until recently. Had I not won the first 2 in a contest, I likely would've never read them.

But they are really really good! The first one kind of has a Labyrinth feel to it, the movie with David Bowie and goblins! The first one takes a little getting into, but once events roll into place it becomes a fast and addicting read!

Whenever you decide or have the time to try a series, I highly recommend this one! I have reviews up for all 3 books at my blog if you needed more opinion on it!

Lisa said...

I get hesitant about some books too. It's almost like there is so much hype out there that I'm scared I'm just going to be disappointed or that I'm going to be the only person in the world you didn't like it. It's kind of a lot of pressure.

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