Friday, March 18, 2011

Favorite Covers (2)

Happy Friday! This is the last favorite covers!!

But I do get to feature one really special book!!

The Midnight Tunnel: A Suzanna Snow Mystery by Angie Frazier! I love all of her books!

Here is the online cover:

When I first saw this cover I was a little bit hesitant. It looked really middle grade, which it is. And which makes sense. But I went through this period where I hated this cover, but then I changed my mind.

When I got my own copy, I fell in love...Below are some pictures that I look of my copy, this book is seriously cool!!

Here is just a shot of the cover!

I lettering on RAISED!! Everything is raised!! Holy Buckets, it is awesome! Did I just say Holy Buckets? Eek! And that is my whole hand not just a finger, because that would be a big finger.

And inside the book is even more awesome! A map of Zanna's little world. I loved it!
Here's a closer look and can anyone spot the Midnight Tunnel?

So, I think you all can see why I love this cover, and the book so much!


Hope said...

Holy buckets! lol See ya soon!

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