Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Top Read Authors

Today, I'm going to do something that might be interesting to some but not to others! I'm going to show you my top something read authors. Some other blogs have done this like The Story Siren and Word for Teens. And I love reading them, so I though it would be cool to show you mine..you might be a little surprised!

  1. Lois Gladys Leppard, author of the Mandie Series and other various books about the character. I've read 41 of her books. Their elementary level Christian fiction. I read them in about 3rd and 4th grade.
  2. Lauraine Snelling, author of many, many Adult Christian Fiction books. I've read 22 of her books, soon to be 23. She has some contemporary but I only read her historical fiction
  3. Lynn Morris, along with Gilbert Morris. A Christian Fiction writing team who have wrote multiple books together. 11 of their books.
  4. D.J. MacHale, author of the Pendragon Series and others. I loved this series when I was in 5th Grade! 10 of his books.
  5. Margret Peterson Haddix, author of many books, my favorite being Running Out of Time. 9 of her books.
  6. Anthony Horowitz, author of the Alex Rider Series...I LOVE these books. Seriously it must be the spies. I can't wait for the final one which comes out today...possibly. Read 7 of his books
  7. Rick Riordan, James Patterson, Frewin Jones, and Lois Walfred Johnson, who wrote my favorite some of my favorite books, as a kid, again Christian fiction. They all tie for 6 books.
Then 11th place is Marlene Perez, Ally Carter, Anna Godbersen and Stephanie Meyer tie for 5 books. Then the rest is just a lot of ties.

What I find really interesting is that my top three are Christian Fiction, I never really realized I read that much of it!

Hope you enjoyed this!


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