Saturday, February 19, 2011

Blog Happenings (15)

Hey everyone!
Happy Saturday!

I've been a bad reader of late, I read a lot last week but this week I haven't finished a single book! A SINGLE ONE! I know I'm ashamed and you should be too!

I'm trying to finish The Charmed Return, the last book in the Faerie Path Series, but I'm struggling through it. Hopefully I can finish it this weekend. And on the side I'm reading The Demon Trapper's Daughter by Jana Oliver. One Word: Amazing.

And I have tons of homework this weekend, which you don't care to hear about so I won't share it. But I'm might just start doing 2 reviews a week, again.  Because I feel the need to save up reviews for spring break. Because who wants to post on spring break? Not me! I want to take a break from blogging over spring break which automatically means that I still need to review and post other things, like this! am I going to do this...I really don't know!

But do not worry about it, I'll get it done. And without further ado.....

The cover for Supernaturally by Kiersten White, which I love. It is gorgeous! Thank you so much to Jessica over at a Great read for bringing this to my attention!

So what do you think about this beautiful cover??!


Hope said...

Wow Katie- no finished books this week!! I haven't finished one this year!!! lol see ya!

Phae Phae said...

I love the cover!!!

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