Monday, January 24, 2011

Lost in the River Grass by Ginny Rorby

I'm back from vacation and I'm so tired, but I wrote this on the way back, so enjoy!

Title: Lost in the River Grass

Author: Ginny Rorby

Rating: 4 stars

Recieved from: NetGalley

Review: Sarah has always been a loner because if her race. So when the chance to get away from her obnoxious school group in the Everglades comes around she jumps at it. Sarah and her new friend Andy go out on an mission to explore the Everglades together. But when their boat floats away, getting out of the Everglades is going to be more than hard, it's going to be deadly.

I, originally, wasn't going to read this book. I requested it from NetGalley on a whim and started it, but just couldn't get into it. But when I came across a couple of good reviews for it and a guilty conscience, I decided to pick it back up again and I finished it. And enjoyed it a lot.

This is your classic survival story, that follows a girl and a boy of different races, defying their differences in order to survive.

I liked Sarah and Andy, they were fine characters and I liked the interaction between the two. And Sarah was an African-American, which was awesome, you don't see too many books with a PoC (protagonist of color). And Andy came from a red neck, prejudiced, Confederate family. They were fleshed out alright and both went through many changes during the book.

I did get a bit bored while reading this but it was most likely because I need just a little romance in a book. And this is not a romance and I felt like it was an older middle grade novel, but I'm not entirely sure about it.

Animals played quite a big role in the story because that's what Andy and Sarah were mainly trying to escape, other than starving to death. I even learned a few new things too!

Other than a few minor complainants, I would recommend this to someone who likes a survival story or is just willing to try something new! It was a very good book.

Thanks NetGalley and Carolrhoda Books!


Ginny Rorby said...

Thank you, Katie. Glad you made it through and ended up enjoying LITRG. Ginny Rorby

Hope said...

Go Katie!!!! 56 followers!!!!

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