Saturday, January 22, 2011

Blog Happenings (14)

How is everyone out there doing? I don't know how I'm doing, I guess I'm really, really happy! Why? I don't know which is the best part!

I'm currently, still!, reading Revolution, but I'm really liking it so far! It has improved, quite a bit.

I'm also reading Angelfire on the side and I'm loving that! Should finish it soon.

And, I'm sorta reading Dead is not an Option. But I'm just very slowly reading that so I shouldn't finish it too soon, but I'll finish in good time.

I have no clue what I'm going to review this upcoming week. I feel like my reviews aren't very good, and that I don't have enough of them! But I'm so busy with school, I only have certian times I can actually read.

I do have a galley I need to review...and I could review Going too Far but I don't really want to becuase I'm not entirely comfortable with that book! Don't worry though I'll get on top of things, I always do not matter what!

I'm really sad because I series that I enjoy a lot is will be over very soon! That series is the Faerie Path by Frewin Jones. I originally read the first one a few years ago and then last year I read the rest of the series. But the last book is coming out January 25th which is soon! I feel like January is flying by...way to quickly

Here is what the the last book is about:

By the light of the pure eclipse, two worlds will be as one . . .
She was once a princess of Faerie, the seventh daughter of King Oberon. But sixteen-year-old Anita Palmer has no memory of the Faerie Realm; her true Faerie princess identity; her love, Edric; or her quest to save Faerie from a deadly plague that ravaged it. With the help of an unexpected ally, Anita must figure out a way to reawaken Tania, her Faerie self—but how?

Now Anita—or is she Tania?—doesn’t know who, or what, to trust, including her own memories. With no time to spare, Anita must act. A thrilling final battle is soon to be waged that will affect not only her destiny but the fate of both Faerie and the Mortal World. Loyalties will be tested, true love questioned, and nothing is what it seems.

I'm very excited for it!

That is all for now! There will be no post tomorrow, just not enough time!


Phae Phae said...

*rolls eyes at the busy with school part*

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